You don’t need to follow a strict daily skin routine to appreciate a facial.

Facials add moisture and help brighten up dull skin. They’re also pretty darn relaxing (especially if you have a beer at the Guys Grooming bar before you start).

Make a facial appointment at Guys Grooming and see for yourself. The professional skincare team will check your skin condition with a 10-minute face mapping and work out which treatment your skin needs.

There are six to choose from at Guys Grooming:

Stress Relief: Your first time? Go with a Stress Relief facial. You’ll get a cleanse, scrub, mask and toner and you’re done in 30 minutes.

Executive: This is the complete 1 hour service, prepping your skin for an at-home regime. You’ll walk out hydrated and with a healthy glow.

Charcoal: If your skin needs recovery, this is the facial for you. It uses activated binchotan charcoal to purify and balance the skin.

Medibac: Acne doesn’t always end with your teen years. A Medibac facial helps clear breakouts — now and in the future. It’s all to do with oil control.

Age Smart: We can’t stop aging, but we can help you look your best. This facial works on preventing the signs of premature aging by firming, smoothing and nourishing the skin.

Ultra Calming: Sensitive skin needs special care. This facial calms and soothes red, itching skin.

As well as clean, fresh and glowing skin, each facial comes with relaxing massage and tailored advice on how to best look after your skin. You can trust the team at Guys Grooming to help you ‘face’ the day!