Extract from story published on Perth Now September 25, 2020

SUMMER is calling so you’re probably thinking about which thongs to pair with what boardies.

And if that’s the extent of your fashion prowess then it’s time for a freshen-up, fellas.

Look beyond the wardrobe staples, tame those locks and spring-clean your look with the help of two homegrown style gurus.


Guys should choose button-up shirts rather than t-shirts, especially if they’re aged 30-plus, according to stylist Jo Shields of pre-loved fashion event Banjo Style.

“A shirt is flattering on every body shape whereas a tee can cling,” she said.

“I don’t even mind if it’s creased — just throw it on with shorts, roll up the sleeves and I promise it will be as comfortable and cool as any tee, and way more stylish.”

She added that t-shirts with slogans and pictures were best left for teenagers, and men should keep to block colours and stripes for maximum chic.

And when choosing shorts, cotton is best.

“There is a huge variety of cotton shorts on offer in Perth so keep boardshorts for the beach — same goes for thongs,” Shields said.

Her top picks for fashion outlets are Parker & Co in Claremont and Store Chance (formerly Flannel Men) in Cottesloe.

Shoes and Accessories

With trainers still on-point, Shields suggests a leather style in navy. They can be worn with pants, jeans and shorts for pared-down casual comfort.

She reminds men to invest in belts and sunglasses. Her picks: the RM Williams plaited ‘O’ ring belt and Cubitts Balfour square-frame tortoiseshell acetate sunglasses.

Facial Hair

Nathan Ahern of Guys Grooming urges blokes with facial hair to “keep it clean.”

“It’s not cool when a man has no self-awareness and carries his beard around like on old car rug that has remnants of picnics past and stains from over-indulgence hanging off every bristle,” he said.

The good news: A well-kept beard of any length is still on-trend.

“See a professional every four to six weeks to frame the beard, then use homecare products like the Beard Cape and Beard Bro to keep the shape and style.

“Also, replenish the natural facial oils in your beard with oils like the King of Wood from Milkman Beard.”

Ahern believes moustaches are best left to Burt Reynolds and Errol Flynn.

Guys Grooming Credit: brettearl.com


Winter and the confines of COVID-19 have led to many men having extra hair length, which creates some great new looks.

“With natural curls and extra length, guys are taking steps away from the tight fades to a more textured casual look,” Ahern said.

“While the fade is not dying out, you can always see the guys who push out their fades too long, looking more schoolyard than street-cool.

“To keep the fade looking sharp, have a two-weekly maintenance cut between regular full cuts.”


Ahern recommends spring-cleaning the skin now with a deep cleaning facial to clear and hydrate the face.

His pick is the 60-minute Charcoal Facial at Guys Grooming as it attracts then washes away dirt, toxins, heavy metals, chemicals and other grime.

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