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Perth style gurus reveal spring/summer tips

Extract from story published on Perth Now September 25, 2020 SUMMER is calling so you’re probably thinking about which thongs to pair with what boardies. And if that’s the extent of your fashion prowess then it’s time for a freshen-up, fellas. Look beyond the wardrobe staples, tame those locks and spring-clean your look with the [...]

2020-11-12T05:54:00+08:00November 12th, 2020|Grooming Tips, Lifestyle|

Trail Blazers – 12 years of Guys Grooming

Trail Blazers When Nathan and Rebecca Ahern launched Guys Grooming in Perth CBD in 2008, there was nothing else like it in town. While the revolutionary nature of the business caused some hilarious misunderstandings at the time, 12 years later the shop continues to go from strength to strength. This is a must listen for [...]

2020-08-13T07:55:43+08:00August 11th, 2020|Lifestyle|

The story so far – 12 years of Guys Grooming

In March Guys Grooming celebrated 12 years of providing a unique grooming experience for the men of Perth. In celebration of this milestone, Barbershop Magazine spoke to Nathan and Rebecca Ahern about how the concept of Guys Grooming came about. How do you get the inspiration to open a Male Grooming business? You spend 5 [...]

2020-07-09T10:43:51+08:00July 8th, 2020|Lifestyle|

The Perfect Shave Starts with the Right Ingredients

There’s a big push for skin care products to be made with natural ingredients. It makes sense – you rub this stuff on your face on the daily. Product ranges like Proraso go hard on the vegetable extracts but leave out artificial colours. (These guys have been around since the 1940’s so they’re clearly doing [...]

2019-09-30T07:21:03+08:00September 26th, 2019|Face Care, Shaving|

Reward yourself this Winter

Winter Packages to keep your skin looking boss It’s official – winter is coming. While it’s no secret the cold can reap havoc on your skin and hair, it’s sometimes hard to know where to start. Whether you want to take better care of yourself, or treat a special bloke in your life, we’ve put [...]

2019-06-05T08:38:00+08:00June 5th, 2019|Body Care, Face Care, Hair Care|

Beard Cape: The Best Defence for a Happy Relationship

Grooming is a big part of the bearded man’s morning routine. But trimming those whiskers can create havoc in your bathroom (and relationship). Wash it down the sink and the wayward hair clogs the drain; leave it on the sink or floor and your other half isn’t happy. Either way you look at it it’s [...]

2019-05-06T10:44:37+08:00May 6th, 2019|Grooming Tips|

The remedy to dry and dull skin

You don’t need to follow a strict daily skin routine to appreciate a facial. Facials add moisture and help brighten up dull skin. They’re also pretty darn relaxing (especially if you have a beer at the Guys Grooming bar before you start). Make a facial appointment at Guys Grooming and see for yourself. The professional [...]

2019-04-04T12:59:40+08:00April 4th, 2019|Face Care|

Be as Smooth as a Dolphin

Yep, hair will grow anywhere If that chest waxing scene in 40 Year-Old Virgin has you freaked about waxing, don’t stress. We promise it won’t hurt that much. Waxing is great for getting rid of pesky hairs sprouting from your eyebrows, nose and ears, as well as larger areas like chest, stomach and back. Guys [...]

2019-03-06T06:12:17+08:00March 5th, 2019|Body Care, Grooming Tips|

The finer details of putting your best foot (or hand) forward

What’s one of the first things you do when you meet someone? You shake their hand. Make a good impression with hand detailing from Guys Grooming. Think of it the same as you do about detailing your car. It looks good after a wash but how much better does it look with a wash, wax [...]

2019-02-05T08:18:42+08:00February 4th, 2019|Grooming Tips, Body Care|