Grooming is a big part of the bearded man’s morning routine. But trimming those whiskers can create havoc in your bathroom (and relationship). Wash it down the sink and the wayward hair clogs the drain; leave it on the sink or floor and your other half isn’t happy.
Either way you look at it it’s a bugger to clean up.

The guy behind Guys Grooming has experienced these hassles himself. That’s how he came up with a simple yet brilliant solution, allowing you to be the master of both your beard and your bathroom.

Just like Batman

Enter the Beard Cape — a one-size-fits-all approach to face fuzz easy care, without the mess. It’s a bit like the cape you wear when getting your haircut, except this baby has nifty suction cups allowing you to stick it to the mirror. The hair gets caught by the front of the cape meaning you can trim, cut and groom facial hair without having to worry about leaving a mess.

Once you’re looking sharp, remove the suction cups and empty the face fur into the bin. When you’re done just roll it up and you’re good to go.

The adjustable collar makes it suitable for any fella and the design is light and unobtrusive, so it doesn’t get in the way of the job at hand.

Where can you get it?

Available in Batman black, you can pick up a Beard Cape at Guys Grooming for the special price of $19.95. You’ll save $20 off the RRP and possibly your relationship.