Not sure on where to start with all the men’s grooming options out there for skin care?

It can be confusing but that is where we come in. Men’s skin is different from female skin naturally and is commonly subjected to move environmental factors due to sports, work and lifestyle. Bottom line – guys generally take less care of their skin and push it daily when we play and work hard.

Guys Grooming offers a unique free skin analysis to provide an assessment of your skins health. Using a magnifying lamp, our trained professionals are quick and effective at prescribing solutions to skin issues such as congestion, breakouts, dehydration or hyper pigmentation.


Here is a quick guide to skin issues that you may be experiencing.

Dryness – Your skin may feel dry, tight, itchy and may experience flakiness

Dehydration – The skin is lacking water, it could appear lackluster, dull, tired and may be prone to congestion and blackheads.

Acne – When hair follicles are clogged with dead skin cells and oil from the skin, acne occurs. Blackheads, whiteheads, pimples and a greasy feeling will be an obvious indicator. This is not just a teenage issue with hormones, adult acne is common at any age.

Hyper pigmentation – Abnormally light or dark skin can be caused by sun damage, inflammation or skin injuries. Darker skin tones are more prone to pigmentation issues.

Redness – Skin may appear flushed, warm to touch and can be sensitive to products. Usually caused by abnormal blood vessels in the face but also poor diet, smoking or alcohol can trigger or increase the effects.

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