There is a swing at the moment with some guys opting to grow out their hair and step away from the short, back and sides. It is not for everyone but it can work for certain guys. Here ‘s how.

Time needed?

Allow about two years for hair to go from a short back and sides to shoulder length. And while you may think growing your hair out is just a matter of letting nature take its course, you will need a game-plan.

Who cannot rock the long look?

Long hair can work on all face shape and sizes, apart from round faces. As you grow your hair out it will start to fall flat on the sides which will widen the face and draw attention to your cheeks. Thinning hair is a no go too, it will just highlight the thinning issue.

Who to trust?

The best people for this job are trained hairdressers, who have a background and have been trained in hairdressing, Luckily our team have all the skills to take you from short to mid-length to long with all the techniques to style and care for it.

Use pictures!

If you’re in it for the long haul you will need to show your hairdresser a photo of how you want your hair to look at the very end. There’s a misconception that hairdressers hate people bringing in pictures – wrong, we love it

Get it cut regularly!

If you cannot let your hair run free for 6 month on a deserted island then you need to follow this process.

If you’re growing your hair – stick to your old schedule. If you’re a monthly client still go once a month, When you get to the four-month mark, the shape and the balance of the haircut you have should have changed sufficiently where you can go every six weeks. You should be able to do that for another six months. Once you get to that point, you should be able to move to every two months, if you’re hair isn’t splitting and getting very dry. When you get to that point in the second year, every single haircut you have will be a different style.”

In between these final year cuts your hair will have grown approximately an inch every time.

Your hair will need different styling products as it mutates into a mid-length cut. Stronger products will be needed to keep your hair in check through the process which your groomer can advise.

Final Note – Long hair can do a lot of things for a man, but Hemsworth it cannot create. Good luck!