Your skin is your biggest organ so isn’t it about time you started looking after it more? Discover the difference a bit of exfoliating and a man-tan can have on your look today.

The wonders of exfoliation and the man-tan

Your skin is your biggest organ but, despite this, most of us tend to leave it well alone to its detriment. The good news is though, with just a little regular attention you can start seeing immediate benefits that will have you looking and feeling great and have everyone wondering what your secret is (spoiler alert: you’ll look sun kissed, healthier and slimmer – all without cutting out carbs or spending all your dosh on a trip abroad).

Step 1: Exfoliate and chill

Help remove dead skin cells and reveal new, smooth radiant skin. This deceptively simple step will have you feeling invigorated inside and out with specialised body salts helping you to relax.

Step 2: Get a man-tan

Gone are the days of orange fake tans that you can smell from a mile away. The latest spray tans are natural looking, long lasting and give you a sun kissed healthy glow in minutes. Not only will it look like you’ve just come back from a tropical holiday, a spray tan has the power to make you look healthier and slimmer.

Step 3: Feel more confident

When you look and feel great, you’ll naturally gain confidence. However you choose to spend your new-found confidence, just make sure you use it for good (lining up a hot date or going for a promotion at work are ace options in our book).

To start looking after your skin today, book an appointment with Guys Grooming – the man-tan experts – here. We’ll see you and your new-found confidence soon!