Guys Grooming has done the research and the findings are out. Hair will grow anywhere!

When you need waxing, you need experience.

From a simple nose wax to a full body hair removal session; our team have been trained in our specialised techniques for male waxing. This ensure a perfect result with minimal discomfort.

An essential part of the service that we provide is the education on aftercare and answering any questions that you might have.

Trust the experts and enjoy the benefits of a clean, professional wax.


Eyebrows I $20
Nose I $20
Ears I $20
Shoulders I $24
Neck I $25
Speedo I $39
Stomach I $42
Chest I $58
Back I $58
Arms I $60
Legs I $78
BCS I $90
Full Body Wax I $393

Waxing offers

Chest & Stomach I $77
Back & Shoulders I $77

For a quote on other waxing options not listed above, please contact reception.