Did you know a man’s skin is thicker than a woman’s? Men also generally have oilier skin.

These are great reasons to look after you skin .

Guys Grooming has a few different options you can choose from.

Skincare doesn’t need to involve a 29-step process – the crew at Guys Grooming can check out your skin condition with a free 10-minute face mapping and show you simple ways to look after it each day. They can then work out which of the following treatments is best for your skin.

Types of facials for the modern male:

  • Still get acne, even though your teen years are a distant memory? This is pretty common and can be helped with a purifying and detoxifying Medibac Facial. Regular cleansing and moisturising is the trick to beating this.
  • If your skin is red and easily irritated it’s likely to be more on the sensitive side. Show it a bit of love with the Ultra Calming Facial. The name says it all!
  • Looking for a promotion at work or eyeing a potential partner? The Executive Facial or Stress Relief Facial will brighten your skin as well as your outlook on life.
  • Charcoal facials are a thing and they are amazing. This one will rid your skin of dirt, grime and any impurities and you’ll see and feel the difference instantly.
  • If you’re feeling just old, instead of wise, an Age Smart facial is what you need. This one will smooth and firm your skin. For a longer-term fix, sunscreen is a must. Guys Grooming has some in stock for you to take home, along with moisturiser and other skin care products.

Guys Grooming can help you scrub up, wind down and put your best face forward. Choose your facial from this list and book an appointment — it’s that easy.