We think it’s high time guys got serious about their downtime and started looking after themselves properly with massage.

Not just reserved for elite sportsman or a special occasion, massages are the perfect way to relax, rejuvenate and repair your body and mind.

Start off with a sauna to loosen up those muscles and you’ll be a new man in no time at all.

Types of massages for busy blokes

  • Hot Stone – Stones may seem an odd thing to include in a relaxing spa experience but trust us – it works. Warm, smooth stones are placed along the body to loosen up muscles so your therapist can work out even the deepest of kinks.
  • Relaxation – If you just need some chill time away from the kids or your busy work schedule, this massage is the one for you. Leave muscle tension behind and come out feeling rebalanced and calm.
  • De-Stress – The Rolls Royce of massages, the De-Stress will have you relaxing from head to toe. Watch your stress melt away with a hydrating face mask, essential oils and a full body massage. You’ll feel relaxed, restored and ready to take on the world (you may fancy a quick kip first though!).
  • Swedish – Swedish massage is the basis for many types of Western massage and is a good place to start if you’re a newbie. As well as relaxing you, this type of massage will help stimulate circulation, ease muscle tension, relieve pain and restore movement to the body.

Whether you’re after a full spa experience or just a quick massage to work out the kinks, Guys Grooming can help you chillout and wind down like a pro. Choose your massage from this list, book an appointment today and, before you know it, you’ll be floating on Cloud Nine.