Before you sit down in the chair and ask for ‘the usual’, take some time to work out if your hair cut is really working for you. Sometimes ‘the usual’ is the easy option, but we all know the easy option in life is not always the best option to take (if it were, you might still have a mullet carried over from the late 80’s early 90’s – which could be making a return!). While we don’t condone following trends for the sake of it, they can be a good starting point to shake up your look and update that mop of yours into something suave and stylish.

This year, men’s hair has been all about the fade, with the trend of short sides and longer tops here to stay. Here are a few of our current favourite do’s:

  • The fade – a neat, classic cut. Short and sharp and easy to style at home.
  • The undercut – pair with a quiff on top for a suave look.
  • The side part – own the boardroom with this boss look. We can shave your part in slightly to ensure it always looks on point.
  • The buzz cut – a true classic that requires next to no maintenance.
  • The messy man bob – an easy-to-style cut for guys who love longer locks.

To ensure you walk away happy with your new Cut & Style, Guys Grooming only have experienced and qualified men’s hair stylists who spend the time creating your ideal cut and teach you how to achieve the same great result at home. The team can also help disguise those greys creeping in, condition your hair and scalp if it needs a little TLC and finish off your cut professionally with a straight blade.

View the Guys Grooming hair services or give the team a call to discuss your new look today.