Grooming is great but looking great can be brought down by smelling ordinary.
Here are some tips for wearing cologne or after shave.

Where cologne lives

A dab behind the ears, on the wrists and at the base of the throat — essentially, anywhere the blood vessels are close to the skin’s surface — is all you need to maximise your musk. And remember, when in doubt, less is more. No one likes to be assaulted with smell no matter how pleasant you think it is.

Cologne does not last forever

Men have a bad habit of hoarding unopened cologne bottles for use at a later date but colognes have a shelf-life: Three years to be exact. After that, the natural oils in the bottle lose their intensity and go rancid.

Change up for the seasons

As seasons change, cologne should follow suit. But the solution isn’t to stock up on your favorite 50 colognes. Instead, opt for just two to complement the seasons. A citrusy scent for spring and summer should give way to woodsy, spicy selections in fall.


Cologne is a crucial part of being a man. The whole scent thing plays into our primal need to mark our territory. And now, you’ll be able to mark that territory right.

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